Karlaylisi Restaurant

Uyghur cuisine is relatively uncommon in Australia, which makes a trip to Karlaylisi an exciting culinary adventure.

Hunters Harvest

Hunters Harvest’s menu is centred around highlighting superfoods with interesting flavours and textures. The goal is to promote the idea that ‘healthy eating’ or dining out on a restricted diet can still mean enjoying delicious food. It’s not all boring bitter kale!


Just a short hop from the container ports synonymous with Melbourne’s west, you’ll find several shipping containers transformed into a cafe in Footscray. “I chose the name Rudimentary because I wanted to convey the idea of taking something simple and elementary and being resourceful with the basics,” says Des Huynh, the owner. “The word governs […]

Living Koko

The heart of Living Koko’s work is to support village communities in Samoa, inspired by Phoebe’s Samoan roots.

Konjo Cafe

In 2004, the husband and wife team opened Konjo craft shop as a cultural showcase for Abdul’s African roots. Abdul was also frequently sought out by the Ethiopian community for his discerning palate, so the couple decided to extend their business to add an Ethiopian cafe in 2013.

Jack B Nimble

“I am passionate about creating community spaces,” says E-Gene Goh, one of the four owners of Jack B Nimble in Maidstone.


Luxsmith is the brainchild of long time friends Denis and Andy, whose relationship spans back almost thirty years to their days working at Italy 1 and Bistro 1.

Golden Brows Academy

Since opening Golden Brows Academy, Tina has taught over 200 students and supported over fifty women, mainly migrants, to start their own businesses. Her goal is to build Golden Brows Academy into a franchise across Australia.

Ebi Fine Foods

There’s no such thing as soggy sandwiches for the students of St John’s Primary School in Footscray.