Braybrook STN

It’s hard to choose between all the head-turning dishes coming out of the kitchen of Braybrook STN.

“You can’t go wrong with our bestselling corn fritters,” says Brian Taing, one of the three co-owners of Braybrook STN. “Or the chilli scrambled eggs – the secret ingredient is the XO sauce that our mum makes for all of our cafes.”

Brian Taing, his brother Nolan and former employee (now business partner) Joe La

Brian Taing, his brother Nolan and former employee (now business partner) Joe La opened Braybrook STN in December 2017 inside Central West Shopping Centre, after successfully opening specialty coffee outlets and brunch cafes in other parts of Melbourne.

The glossy modern cafe features deep green hues, comfortable seating and warming sunlight pouring through the windows. The kitchen plates up classic dishes and creative Asian-inspired breakfast, brunch and lunch items seven days a week.

“My parents came to Braybrook as Cambodian Chinese refugees in the 1970s and owned restaurants, reception centres and cafes. I worked in the family business too and then decided to branch out on my own – but I couldn’t escape my brother!” laughs Brian.

Custom roast by Axil Coffee Roasters

At Braybrook STN, you’ll often find Brian and Nolan behind the coffee machine, bantering with their regulars while deftly pumping out coffees made with a custom roast by Axil Coffee Roasters.

“What makes Braybrook STN different is that we have a real passion and love for specialty coffee,” explains Brian. “But it’s not just the fact that we have a great product – we have great rapport with our customers too. We love to chat and to really get to know people on a personal level. Our customers tell us they look forward to visiting us – and that’s what gets us out of bed every day!”