CA Fresh Fruit

Looking for jackfruit or a sour mango? Shark fin melon or taro? Arrowroot or ube?

“I reckon I have the biggest and best range of Asian vegetables in Victoria,” grins Sean Thao, the owner of CA Fresh Fruit.

Largest fruit and vegetable stall inside Footscray Market

CA Fresh Fruit is the largest fruit and vegetable stall inside Footscray Market, stretching across three storefronts with rows upon rows of ripe fruit and vibrant vegetables luring shoppers’ trolleys through its aisles. 

Sean has been its owner for the last six years, though he has been involved in the fruit and vegetable industry in Melbourne for over thirty years. 

Today, as well as owning CA Fresh Fruit, Sean still continues to work as an agent, acting as an intermediary between farmers and retailers. 

“We stock mainly Australian grown produce, and one of the reasons why the quality of our produce is so good is because I have a direct relationship with a grower in Cairns. We’re particularly well known for our range of tropical fruit, Asian greens and our staple lines of bananas and tomatoes.”

Sean’s roots are in the west, arriving from Laos as a refugee in 1978 and buying his first home in the inner west in the 80s. He’s lived in the Western suburbs for over forty years and knows the area and its people intimately. 

The natural place

“Footscray Market is the natural place for me to start and grow my business. I really enjoy working with fresh produce – going to work is a pleasure!  I’m hoping to pass on the business to the next generation – C and A actually stand for my name and that of my son Alan.”