Duc Nga Tofu

Duc and Nga found an old rundown milk bar in Sunshine and with the help of Vyan’s Nan, an Australian woman who adopted Duc and passed on her Balkan surname Ostojic to him, they opened their own tofu shop.

Edison Light Globes

In a quiet Footscray street you’ll find Edison Light Globes, a manufacturer of complete light fittings and retailer of lighting hardware and light globes. They’re best known for the visually stunning vintage-inspired and upcycled light fixtures that they design and make in-house.

The Chestnut Tree Bookshop

During a pandemic, West Footscray resident Reem Sweid built a beautiful bookshop in her community, for her community.


The petit Yarraville store is named after its two owners – locals Goran and Jelena Pajic – and they serve arguably Melbourne’s best frozen yoghurt.

Seddon Deadly Sins

Every week for the past nineteen years Seddon Deadly Sins has amused and inspired passersby with their A-frame pavement chalkboard…

Ras Dashen Ethiopian Restaurant

If you are looking for an authentic dining experience, a visit to Ras Dashen will transport you across the seas, with its menu of traditional Ethiopian dishes and injera bread perfect for scooping up fragrant sauces.

One For the Crow

Taze and his wife Stephanie are Maidstone locals and the owners of One For the Crow, a plant-based daytime cafe located in a quiet residential pocket of their suburb.

Olive Oil & Butter

At Olive Oil and Butter, you know you’ll be treated like you’re part of a great big Greek family.

Polish Deli 4 You

If you’re looking for traditional Polish smallgoods and treats in Melbourne, you can’t go past Deli 4 You.

McManos Chicken Bar

It seems that nothing will bring the hungry hoards to Seddon like the promise of Melbourne’s best hot chips.