Craftwork Roasting Company

Hidden In the backstreets of Yarraville, between a hot yoga studio and a bodyweight gym, you’ll find boutique coffee roasters Craftwork Roasting Company.

Co-founders (and life partners) Caleb Hearney and Rebeca Notley established Craftwork Roasting Company in 2017 with the aim of producing exceptional coffee for their wholesale cafe customers and for coffee lovers at home through their subscription service.

Caleb’s coffee industry pedigree includes roles at Seven Seeds and Small Batch as their head roaster  – but his dream was always to own his own coffee roasting business.

“My Dad had always run his own business and I just knew that eventually I wanted to do my own thing too,” Caleb laughs.

Together with Rebecca, they have created a space where they roast the finest quality beans sustainably sourced from around the world. While coffee is a complex product, they want to break down the barriers between consumers and producers through education and by promoting their producing partners in Central America, South America and Africa.

“Coffee is more than a commodity to us,” explains Rebecca. “We want to make sure that our coffee is sourced ethically and enhances the lives of everyone in the supply chain. That means the beans are traceable back to the farm and producers, the farmers are rewarded adequately for their work and the end product is of an exceptional quality.”

Their commitment to provide this quality means that they roast their Espresso and Filter Coffee blends in small batches and every batch undergoes a rigorous evaluation and quality control process. For instance, when roasting beans Caleb is careful not to roast out the flavours – instead focusing on enhancing the natural characteristics of the varietals to extract the maximum balance, sweetness, clarity and body.

Finally, why did they set up Craftwork Roasting Company in Yarraville? Caleb and Rebecca have lived in Melbourne’s west for over ten years and love the village feel of the suburb. They wanted their business to connect with the local community – and to that end you can find their coffee just a short walk away at the Cornershop cafe in Yarraville and Westerly cafe in Kingsville.

There you’ll find Rebecca ordering a flat white while Caleb shoots down an espresso – and a delicious coffee waiting for you to enjoy.

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