Edison Light Globes

In a quiet Footscray street you’ll find Edison Light Globes, a manufacturer of complete light fittings and retailer of lighting hardware and light globes. They’re best known for the visually stunning vintage-inspired and upcycled light fixtures that they design and make in-house.

“We predominantly sell to architects and interior designers, builders and electricians,” explains Petrina White, a co-owner. “We also have a steady clientele of restaurateurs and bar owners fitting out their premises, as well as people doing home renovations who discover us through our online store, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channel.”

Petrina and her husband, Phil Greenwood, have been at the helm of Edison Light Globes since 2012. The business started with them selling filament bulbs from their home, a warehouse in Seddon, until they outgrew the space and moved into their current Footscray factory in 2015.

These days they are predominantly an online shop, with a small showroom open by appointment combined with a warehouse and manufacturing base.

“We import a lot of the hardware, and then we build and manufacture from the hardware that we import. For instance we've got lamp holders that come from England, our bulbs come from China, our flex cord comes from China and Italy. Then we export the final product all around the world.”

Phil documents the process on their Youtube channel, bringing thousands of views to their signature warm and moody lighting.

As for Petrina’s favourite product, it’s the LED strip lighting. 

“It’s kind of going a little bit against our initial concept being that beautiful, warm, moody lighting, but LED strip lighting – it’s energy efficient, recyclable, flexible, fully customisable and works well as task lighting or ambient lighting.”

She also says the industrial aesthetic of using plumbing pipe fixtures in light fixtures has been so successful that they’ve spun off a side business called Pipe Furniture.

A major difference between Edison Light Globes and major lighting chains is their swift turnarounds and that they are able to customise products to suit the customer.

“We’ve always pretty much got stock – and that’s getting rarer and rarer these days. So instead of placing your order and waiting six weeks for major chains to ship it in, we will likely have your hardware ready to go within the week.”

“Also with big chains, they would likely import a whole light fitting made up. We offer a bespoke service and we work closely with our clients to create their dream design. On our website you can mix and match hardware, shades, and cords to create custom fittings for your space.”

“You’re only limited by your imagination.”

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