Gourmet Deli House

In amongst the chain stores and big box retailers of Highpoint Shopping Centre you’ll find the vibrant family-owned business Gourmet Deli House.

Matthew Christofe, his mother, father and sister are the familiar faces that have run Gourmet Deli House for almost ten years. During busy times like Christmas you’ll also find several generations of the Christofe family pitching in.

When you approach the deli counter it can be daunting to see that there are over 1000 products available, sourced from over seventy suppliers.

“We pride ourselves on having a large variety of items all in one spot, all of which are high quality and at reasonable prices,” explains Matthew. “Yes there are a lot of products - but you can be assured that we only stock what we like ourselves!”

While you’re trying to decide, try a butter, flaky pastizzi filled with creamy spinach and ricotta that melts in your mouth.

Next – stock up on picnic supplies with antipasto and dips, cabbage rolls, dolmades, pitted mixed olives, all of which are made using their own marinades.

To finish, take home a tub of lasagne or moussaka, made especially for Gourmet Deli House.

And if you’re still stuck, a friendly person is always available to help.

“We pride ourselves on our personal touch and the relationships we have with our customers,” smiles Matthew. “We love food and we love sharing what we do with everyone who visits us.”

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