Maribyrnong City Council’s Love Your Local Activation Grants aim to provide financial support to our local community to reactivate the City’s public spaces. 

Grants of up to $10,000 will be given to community members to trial new events, installations, activations, and recreational activities.

Download the Love Your Local Activation Grants Guidelines for more information and how to apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Love Your Local Activation Grants Program opens for applications at 12pm5 November 2021
Love Your Local Activation Grants Program applications close 12 pm midday6 December 2021
Love Your Local Activation Grants applications are reviewed and funding recommendations endorsed7 December – 10 December 2021
Outcome letters sent to all applicants13 December 2021
Letter of agreement sent to successful applicants15 December 2021
All signed agreements returned to Council by successful applicants24 December 2021
Love Your Local Activation Grants delivered January – June 2022
Acquittals DueJuly 2022
The Love Your Local Activation Grants Program aims to reactivate public space and, drive visitation to City, helping to support the local community and businesses as they recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. Proposed activities need to broadly align with the strategic objectives of the Council Plan 2021-2025 and of Council’s Tourism Visitation Strategy. 

Strategic Objectives of the Council Plan 2021-2025:

  • Safe climate and healthy environment Council will proactively identify opportunities to support a return to a safe climate and healthy environment and work with our community to respond to climate emergency challenges
  • Liveable neighbourhoods Council will partner with its community to provide and advocate for integrated built and natural environments with access to open spaces that are well maintained, engaging, accessible and respectful of the community and neighbourhoods.
  • A place for all Council will provide well-planned neighbourhoods and a strong local economy, delivering services that are inclusive and accessible to the whole community, and that support wellbeing, healthy and safe living, connection to the community, and cultural interaction.
  • Future focussed Council will plan and advocate for new infrastructure and safe, sustainable and effective transport networks and a smart innovative city that encourages and supports new generations to thrive.
  • Ethical leadership Council will proactively lead our changing City using strategic foresight, innovation, transparent decision making and well-planned and effective collaboration and community engagement to support community and economic growth during the ongoing challenges of the pandemic and beyond. 

Key Objectives of the Tourism Visitation Strategy:

  • Promote and facilitate investment in tourism product and experiences 
  • Facilitate investment within the Footscray Activity Centre which contributes to the visitor experience and increases economic activity 
  • Establish a destination marketing approach which promotes Maribyrnong’s key visitor destinations 
  • Work with key strategic partners to raise awareness of Maribyrnong’s strengths and address existing perceptions

Along with providing financial support of up to $10,000, the City of Maribyrnong will further support successful applicants as follows: 

  • Work to fast track permit process and ensure compliance with Councils departments including; Environmental Health, Local Laws, Traffic Management and Covid compliance, 
  • Waive permit fees where applicable
  • Provide in-kind marketing support inclusive of: advertising on Social media platforms and website, photo calls and editorial with media outlets, advertorial in council owned publications, 
  • Provide Spend Map data to assist design of activity


    1.  Applications must be received by 12pm midday on 6 December 2021

    2. The project must occur within the boundaries of the City of Maribyrnong with preference given to those within key activity centres (trader areas) of each municipality

    3. The project must take place between January 2022 and June 2022

    4. Applicants must live or work in the City of Maribyrnong

    5. Applicants must have a registered ABN

    6. The applicant must have acquitted ALL Council grants received in the current financial year (2021/22) and have no outstanding debts to Maribyrnong City Council

    7. Applicant must seek out an Auspice Organisation if they are a sole trader, individual or unregistered group

    8. The applicant must provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance (PLI) to the value of $20 million

Examples of what may be funded as part of the Love Your Local Activation Grants Program include but is not limited to:

  • Placemaking–Pop-up performances, busking, skills demonstration 
  • Temporary public art installations, projections, lighting work and murals
  • Small events/markets
  • Community health and wellbeing activities (eg. a free yoga class). 

This Grants Program will not fund projects that:

  • are part of an organization’s core business or normal operating expenses
  • take place outside the City of Maribyrnong’s boundaries
  • do not align with the priority areas of the Council Plan 2021-2025 and Tourism Visitation Strategy
  • take place inside a private property or residence
  • have already started or have been completed
  • Project broadly aligns with the priorities of the Council Plan 2021 – 2025, and at least one of the overarching strategies of the Maribyrnong Tourism Visitation Strategy
  • Project directly benefits local community, business, local suppliers and contractors 
  • Project has broad appeal and will attract visitation to the City
  • Demonstrated local need and community support for the project
  • Grant applicants must show evidence of a good track record and commitment to a professional and safe approach in planning and delivery a similar project
  • Projects consider accessibility for people with a disability, the elderly and the young and includes activities for local residents at no cost
  • Evidence of organiser’s ability to develop and deliver an effective marketing and promotional plan
  • Evidence of organiser’s commitment to good sustainability practices and shows strategies to reduce the environmental impact of the festival 
  • Demonstrated financial viability through provision of a clear, detailed and realistic budget and additional sources of funding for the project
  • A project brief with that responds to the assessment criteria 
  • A proposed methodology including identification of key tasks and milestones 
  • Project budget
  • Simple project delivery plan and timelines
  • Letters of support from relevant community members, local traders or organisations if available
  • Public Liability Insurance for up to $20 million coverage; including personal volunteer accident insurance and professional indemnity insurance if required
  • Evidence of having undertaken similar work previously, include references and contact details of referees

Love Your Local Activation Grants applications are assessed on a competitive basis. After your application has been submitted

  • Applications are first assessed that they meet the eligibility criteria.
  • All eligible applications are then considered and assessed by an assessment Panel comprising of Council officers from each of the following Units : Economic Development and Festivals and Visitation
  • While an application may meet eligibility and funding criteria, this does not guarantee a grant
  • You will receive written advice on the outcome of your application  
  • The decision on funding is final 

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on social gatherings for 2020/21, and we acknowledge the ongoing challenges that this situation presents for activations going forward.

Grant applicants must adhere to State Public Health Requirements in the planning and delivery of their activations. As part of the application process, applicants will be asked to submit a summary of measures they will implement to mitigate the risk of community transmission of COVID-19. They are also asked to indicate any provisional plans for how their activation might be adapted if social distancing requirements are in place, or a surge of COVID-19 cases arises. These elements do not form part of the assessment, but are intended to give Council an indication of the applicant’s intention to adjust, postpone or cancel their activation should it not be able to be delivered in its’ intended format.

Should restrictions still be in place, Council’s Festivals and Visitation team will work with each grant applicant individually to work through the practicalities of adjusting, postponing or cancelling the activation. In the event an activation is unable to go ahead between January 2022 and June 2022, Council funding will not be provided and any deposits paid will be returned to Council (less proven expenses up to the time of cancellation). Activations which are significantly adapted will need to submit a revised budget and may receive partial funding only, depending on the revised plans.

Council Contact

Should you have further questions then please contact the Festivals and Visitations Coordinator.

Apply Now!

Applications must be received no later than 12pm midday on 27 November 2021.


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