Imbue Food and Wine

If you’re expecting to receive a complimentary bread basket on arrival at Imbue Food and Wine, you won’t get it.

Instead, first time diners to Imbue are treated to a tasting of the restaurant’s signature dish – whipped feta, honeycomb, dukkah and flatbread crisps.

“We are so proud of this dish and we want to share it as often as we can,” explains head chef and co-owner Phong Nguyen. “It’s a finely balanced combination of crunchy and smooth textures and sweet, sour and salty flavours - and it epitomises everything we want to communicate with our food.”

Phong Nguyen was a chef for 15 years in Melbourne’s CBD (ex-Movida) before he and his business partners decided to open Imbue Food and Wine, an intimate upscale restaurant in the heart of Maribyrnong.

“We have lived in the west all our lives and we thought that there was nothing like Imbue in the area,” he explained. “We saw an opportunity to bring the sophistication of city dining into the suburbs, in an area that’s more traditionally known for cheap multicultural eats.”

The menu features dishes that meld Phong’s Vietnamese heritage with contemporary European flavours. The end result is a delicious Mod Oz mashup that celebrates Australia’s diverse food influences. There’s a strong focus on using fresh seasonal produce sourced locally in Victoria and everything is in share-style small plates.

“Imbue means to inspire”, says Phong. “And that’s exactly what we aim to do in our restaurant.”

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