Jeongsin Taekwondo

Kristy Busuttil started training in Taekwondo when she was nine years old – and since then it has changed her life for the better.

Through Jeongsin Taekwondo, she aims to help other people discover the power of this Korean martial art.

Kristy established a stellar Taekwondo career for almost 20 years, during which time she won Gold and Bronze medals in the 2006 Commonwealth games, along with numerous state and national titles.

After she stopped competing, she wasn’t sure that she wanted to teach. But then, she realised how passionate she was about sharing what she’d learnt. 

“Learning Taekwondo is not just about learning martial arts skills,” says Kristy. “It’s about being confident and feeling empowered that you can defend yourself in any situation. Practising Taekwondo creates focus and concentration and teaches you about persistence, resilience and goal-setting.”

Kristy is the only female Taekwondo head instructor in Melbourne’s West and she prides herself for approaching the sport a little differently.

At Jeongsin Taekwondo, Kristy aims to create a family-orientated space with a relaxed atmosphere, where people can feel comfortable and not competitive, all while doing something healthy and fun for their bodies.

What makes Kristy most proud is how being part of the Jeongsin Taekwondo community impacts people’s physical and mental health.

“I see students form lifelong friendships; I see shy kids come out their shell; and I see parents who would normally sit on the sidelines get up and give it a go,“ she says.

“I have one transgender student who was so self-concious about who he was as he was going through transition – and now his life goal is to teach taekwondo in order to help the transgender community,” she beams. “To have that sort of positive impact on a person’s life – that’s what drives me.”

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