KDisc DVD Shop

At the front of KDisc is a huge sign saying ‘Old School Rules’.

In an era where more people are downloading and streaming their content, KDisc remains one of the few ‘old school’ independent CDs and DVD stores in the area.

When asked to explain the continued success of his business, owner Sebastian Carpinteri says “You’d be surprised – a lot of people still like to own and collect music and movies; to put CDs and DVDs into a machine. We also cater to a customer base that’s a bit older – like 50+ years – so they enjoy watching old movies and classic TV shows that are not necessarily easy to find online.”

KDisc has been in the same location inside Central West Shopping Centre, Braybrook since 2003. Over the years it has built a loyal customer base and Sebastian enjoys chatting to his customers to get to know their tastes so he can stock his merchandise accordingly.

For instance, in amongst the neatly laid out shelves, you’ll find sets for classic TV shows like the Munsters and Welcome Back Cotter as well as movies by Marx Brothers and Laurel and Hardy.

“I also order hard-to-find items for customers from overseas - your typical chain music store won’t do that.” he says.

And what does Sebastian listen to or watch in his downtime? “I love music, so at home I’ve got everything from Frank Sinatra to the Sex Pistols – basically anything good!” he laughs.

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