Lilac and the Cat

Every week, Jane Hearn weaves floral magic inside her pink-hued shop, Lilac and the Cat.

Jane fell in love with flowers when she was in high school, while doing work experience at a florist. After more than 27 years of experience, Jane is now renowned for her style of wildly rambling and eco influenced floral designs.

Lilac and the Cat has been named as one of Melbourne’s top florists by publications such as Broadsheet and Time Out Melbourne – but its reputation is not only about making exquisite flower bouquets.

"What sets Lilac and the Cat apart is Jane’s commitment to being an eco-conscious and ethical florist who values sustainability in her work."

That means she uses locally-grown, seasonal blooms and no imported flowers. In your bouquet, you might also find foraged wildflowers and foliage sourced from a friendly neighbour’s suburban backyard.

Her care for the environment extends to her choice of materials. For all Lilac and the Cat arrangements, Jane eschews typical floristry materials such as floral foam oasis, cellophane and ribbon. Her floral designs often incorporate recycled materials and are presented in upcycled vases and pots.

“Every florist I worked for used oasis – but then I discovered how much damage they do to the environment. With that knowledge I felt I needed to make a change, to take a stance and hopefully set an example within the industry’ said Jane.

After initially building her floral business in Flemington and Richmond, Jane landed in Footscray. “I was drawn to the inner west because of its cultural and ethnic diversity and the community’s support of arts and creative industries. The people here are modest, generous and kind – and I thought they’d appreciate my raw and organic designs” enthuses Jane.

As for the name Lilac and the Cat? Jane explains “Lilac is my favourite flower because it’s connected in many ways to my grandma Dorothy, and ‘Cat’ is a nickname given to me by a loved one. So Lilac and the Cat is me in a nutshell!”

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