Lisica Café

Word spreads fast along the vegan grapevine – get down to Maribyrnong for some of the best vegan food in Melbourne!

Tucked in under a block of Edgewater apartments,  the bright and buzzy plant-based Lisica Cafe serves  breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

Edita Glamora and co-owner/head chef Sagar Sachar opened the cafe because they wanted to demonstrate that vegan food could be delicious, affordable, healthy…or as indulgent as you like!

They saw an opportunity to open their cafe in Edgewater in April 2019. “There’s nowhere else nearby that serves food that’s predominantly or wholly vegan. You might be able to find a vegan muffin and coffee or a quick lunch snack, but not a full menu,” explains Edita.

The Lisica menu is plant-based, locally sourced and made fresh every day. Everything is prepared in-house, from the jackfruit pulled pork to the spice mixes.

In fact, after Edita finishes work from her full time day job she comes to Lisica at night to get ready to bake the muffins and cakes for the sweets cabinet.

Highlights from the Lisica menu include pink pataya soy buttermilk pancakes topped with a cloud of fairy floss. Their pink fabulousness dominates Lisica’s Instagram feed.

For savoury options, try ther Big Breakfast or Spanish baked tofu or the chick’n burger! It takes Sagar three days to make the ‘chicken’ patty from TVP (textured vegetable protein) – and even a chef who once dined with them couldn’t believe that it wasn’t meat.

“Our goal with Lisica is to introduce plant-based food to the wider community,” says Edita. “Even your non-vegan, carnivore friends will love our food, we promise!”

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