McManos Chicken Bar

It seems that nothing will bring the hungry hoards to Seddon like the promise of Melbourne’s best hot chips.

McManos Chicken Bar was crowned in the 2019 Nova100 poll as serving Melbourne’s best chips – and the lines haven’t stopped since (though locals will tell you that it’s been a well-known ‘secret’ for a long time).

The chips are so popular that Dave Chen, the owner of McManos Chicken Bar, cooks up a whopping 300kg of chips a week!

He attributes his best-chip reputation to three things: the fact that the chips are crinkle cut, his secret chicken salt recipe and each serving of chips is deep-fried fresh on order.

“At one stage I tried serving straight cut chips - but everyone wanted the crinkle cut so I had to switch straight back!” laughs Dave.

But man cannot live on potatoes alone, so pair your crunchy hot chips with some juicy crispy-skinned hot charcoal chicken and a freshly-made salad. That’s dinner sorted!

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