Miss An’am

Miss An’am is named after the French name for Vietnam and it’s a cafe with a Asian/Vietnamese bent owned by ever-smiling westie local Laura Luu. 

In the Seddon cafe you will find banh mi, rice paper rolls, pillowy baos, sushi and salads on the daily menu. Don’t miss their signature pho ga (Vietnamese chicken noodle soup) and Bo Sot Vang (slow cooked mild beef curry stew), both warming dishes for a cool day. 

Miss An’am is also renowned for their coffee expertise. “People often come in asking for advice about coffee equipment and how to be a better home barista,” explains Laura. “We feel strongly about sharing our love and knowledge of coffee and we use a small Brunswick-based coffee roaster called Dropbox for our coffee beans.”

Whether you stop at Miss An’am for a coffee (maybe paired with a cinnamon bun made by Yarraville bakery Motte) or a meal you will love the laid back atmosphere of their new sunny pop up parklet on Victoria Street Seddon. 

“The parklet has really changed the vibe of Charles Street. Everyone just loves it and I think that people feel more connected to their neighbourhood as a result,” enthuses Laura. “It’s more than just a bunch of planter boxes – now people have more of a reason to come visit their local shops.”

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