Old Style Butcher

Paul White stumbled into a butcher apprenticeship as a seventeen-year-old, proceeding to work in several shops across Melbourne throughout his career. 

He found the profession so rewarding that he now owns Old Style Butcher in Yarraville and Williamstown. 

At Old Style Butcher, Paul is proud to serve the freshest cuts and high-quality, free-range and grass-fed meat and chicken. Their meat is processed with ethical business practices, and Paul aims to support local farmers and small businesses in his product selections.

The quality of Old Style Butcher’s products has been recognised by the industry too – just count all the award plaques in the window.

“Our small goods, like the bacon, regularly win awards. The one product we’ve won the most awards for is our wagyu burgers.”

Paul also notes that their award-winning sausages are made with natural casings rather than synthetic and use real ingredients like honey, creating authentic flavours.

To cater for Yarraville locals with a busy lifestyle, Paul stocks a range of ready-made meals for when you are on the go plus a variety of easy roasting options. 

Engage with lots of different people

What Paul loves most about the Yarraville store and the community is talking with his customers. “I get to engage with lots of different people and to chat to them about their experience with food. Everyone shares their knowledge and recipes and they inspire our work too.

“I feel really lucky. I think we’ve got a lot of the same customers here that have been around since the early 2000s. It’s almost like a friendship that we have formed. 

“The main reason why I pushed really hard to buy the shop is because it’s different from anywhere else. In Yarraville, people will take the time to come in and talk to you, give you feedback and share experiences. It’s really fantastic that we are a community.”