Sacca’s Fine Foods

Walid, Carlos and William Sacca are the family members behind Sacca’s Fine Foods, a well-known and well-loved fruit and vegetable grocer in Melbourne.

Originally from Palestine, the family has been involved in the fruit and vegetable retail industry in Melbourne since the late 1980s. Sacca’s Fine Foods is now a network of eight shops located all around Melbourne.

Walid Sacca says that when they opened the Braybrook store in 2018, they really had to educate themselves about Asian fruit and vegetables. Now it has developed into a large category across all of their stores.

“We went to visit our friends’ stalls in Footscray Market and Springvale Market to learn everything we could about Asian produce - what’s purchased and how it’s consumed,” explains Walid. “Then we adapted our offering to what customers have told us they want or need.”

To that end, Sacca’s Fine Foods in Braybrook offers exotic fruits such as mangosteen, lychees, longan, soursop, jackfruit and five different types of durian.

Come mango season, they sell 20 pallets of Calypso mangoes across their eight stores, every week. That’s a whopping average of forty THOUSAND Calypso mangoes a week (not to mention all the other varieties of mangoes they offer)!

“We’re the biggest retailer of Calypso mangoes in Victoria,” laughs Walid. “In fact, the distributor drives directly to our warehouse and delivers our pallets to us. It doesn’t even reach the wholesale market because they know we can move that much stock.”

Sacca’s practice of buying produce every day also means you can be assured that the stock is as fresh as can be.

“We pride ourselves on the high quality and freshness of our products” says Walid. “We buy produce daily, distribute to our stores, sell it all in one day and then buy more the next day. That means that our fruit and vegetables should last up to a week in your fridge.”

The other area which has grown for Sacca’s is their range of organic and vegan products.

“We’ve been noted as being one of the go-to places if you’re wanting to shop vegan or buy environmentally friendly goods. We stock everything from cleaning products to biodegradable bags, vegan pastas to vegan cheese,” enthuses Walid.

Braybrook locals have embraced Sacca’s Fine Foods with so much enthusiasm that the store will be expanding to two extra storefronts in 2021. Shoppers can expect an expanded grocery, deli, fridge and frozen range to open soon – watch this space!

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