Seddon Deadly Sins

Every week for the past nineteen years Seddon Deadly Sins has amused and inspired passersby with their A-frame pavement chalkboard…

The Happy Apple Greengrocer

The backbone of the Seddon store is the fresh bread and bakery section. They have numerous suppliers and stock specialty bread for people with food allergies and intolerances.

Simple Form

Anne Nguyen is obsessed with beautiful homewares and indoor plants – so she enjoys living vicariously through her two shops in Seddon, Simple Form and Offshoot.

Kith & Kin Store

“Seddon is such a community orientated place,” smiles Sasha. “Sometimes people just like to come into Kith & Kin to hang out in the back courtyard and have a chat. I love that!”

My Mama Said

My Mama Said is a fitness studio that specialises in barre, yoga and pilates, with more than fifty classes per week on offer.

Hunters Harvest

Hunters Harvest’s menu is centred around highlighting superfoods with interesting flavours and textures. The goal is to promote the idea that ‘healthy eating’ or dining out on a restricted diet can still mean enjoying delicious food. It’s not all boring bitter kale!


Luxsmith is the brainchild of long time friends Denis and Andy, whose relationship spans back almost thirty years to their days working at Italy 1 and Bistro 1.