Lionel Key was a corporate banker when he decided he needed a career change after his father passed away.

“My Dad was on a lot of medication and had a heart attack,” explains Lionel. “It really highlighted to me the importance of health and nutrition and that in a lot of cases, prevention was better than cure. It was also a wake-up call for me - I wanted to move into an industry that directly helps people.”

So Lionel started as a franchisee for GNC at Highpoint Shopping Centre, Maribyrnong before rebranding in 2017 as Thrive Health and Nutrition – moving away from sports nutrition to cater more general health.

Thrive is now an independently owned health food and supplement provider that offers a wide array of products at reasonable prices. Their best selling products include their therapeutic products and sports supplements. Lionel particularly enjoys Macro Mike’s protein bake mixes because he can make the low sugar, natural ingredient cookies with his three-year old daughter.

And what makes Thrive different from other health food stores in the area? “At Thrive we pride ourselves on our customer service,” says Lionel. “We provide honest advice and we want to help people improve their lives through health and nutrition. I tell my staff to treat people how you’d like to be treated.”

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